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to go with Rose Press Books

So the book's inspired vision and healing qualities can nourish you more fully

both while you read and after.

Did you ever wish that you could more completely take in the vision and the healing qualities of a book designed to provide them?


We get so used to reading books as solely a mental, even emotional, activity that it may be difficult to fully ingest the nutrients of the book -- not only the heart the author put into it, but also the inspiration that guided the writing, and the healing intention behind it.

Flower essences are one of nature's ordinary miracles, where the "essence" of the plant is distilled in pure water bathed in sunlight, then packaged in a bottle to which a smidge of alcohol as a preservative has been added. When taken daily for a period of time (often, 4 drops a few times a day will do), the healing properties of the flower in its natural state (but intensified by being essentialized) become available to you and in you. It's the gift of the plant kingdom, how subtly and beautifully the flower's healing qualities become our own.

Do these qualities create the healing, or (more likely) remind our being that these qualities are latent in us? Either way, using flower essence remedies is a simple, natural, beautiful way to stimulate the kinds of qualities we need and/or wish for to arise within our own being. And they are safe and not contraindicated. At worst, they have little effect; at best, their positive qualities show up in us and in our lives.

Flower Essences to go with the book, We Have All Been the "Others," by Patricia J. Marino -- to spark your innate ability to:

* Feel secure & peaceful

* Be tolerant

* Be generous & loving

* Communicate openly

* Accept imperfection

* Feel hopeful

* Empathize & listen

* Forgive

* Be self-accepting


All flower essences supporting these positive traits can be learned about and purchased here.

All Rose Press books have a healing intention and quality. When you make yourself more "porous" to the book by taking a corresponding flower essence as you read it (and even afterwards), you can be assured of receiving the book's healing intention to the point where it becomes alive in you.

In addition, it makes reading the book a special act of giving to yourself. This may always have been the intention of authors, but in our fast-paced time it's too easy to take in reading a book superficially before going on to the next one, and so missing the nuances and subtleties of healing and contemplation possible when you are -- as with substances dissolved in water -- part of the "solution."

What kinds of qualities might you want to use a flower essence for? It depends on the nature of the book.


For Pat Marino's We Have All Been the "Others," you might want to cultivate harmony, tolerance, communication, and so on.

For Naomi Rose's Starting Your Book, you might wish to cultivate creativity, confidence, perseverance, and so on.

For Claudio Naranjo's Healing Civilization, you might find that cultivating the positive qualities of the Inner Father (e.g., mental clarity), Inner Mother (e.g., accepting love), and Inner Child (e.g., playfulness and spontaneity) brings you to an experiential understanding of the author's profound message.

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