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New Bloom!

Dancer Glory front cover image.png

This moving collection of drawings and paintings by the artist Cara Leslie Berton impresses the heart as well as the eye.


Opening us up into the fertile territory of the heart, her subjects include love and intimacy, suffering and redemption, family, longing and belonging (both human and religious), nostalgia, nature, the angelic world, aging, beauty, and more.

And because all this is communicated through the wordless medium of her artwork, we get to encounter certain feeling places in our own hearts that we might not otherwise recognize. Someone has to paint the subtler realities of feeling, in its many dimensions ~ as Van Gogh did, as Rembrandt did ~ for us to know the fullness of ourselves and who we might become.

Cara Berton's drawings and paintings give us this.


The lines drawn by her pen and her brush are able to evoke both a primal loneiness and a holy longing for belonging and wholeness. This longing takes both a human form and a religious form, and the many evocative drawings of Jesus in this collection should speak not only to devout Christians but also to people with other faiths, or even no religious faith. 

There are also images of love and intimacy, family, being on the journey, suffering and redemption, flowering, nature from an urban window, beauty, joy, whimsy, and more.


As you go through this book, may you find in these graphic expressions what your heart, soul, and spirit need for your own healing journey.  

Here are a few images from the book. (There are 98 in all.)

Astromeria on book, close-up.png
75. In Love.png
In Love
28. Dancer Glory.png
Dancer Glory
65. Jesus Stars.png
 Jesus Stars
9. Jesus and Beggar Woman.png
47. I and Thou.png
59. She Is Within Him.png
Jesus and Beggar Woman
I and Thou
She Is Within Him
14. The Cuddle Bugs.png
The Cuddle Bugs
94. Mother and Child, Jubilant.png
Mother and Child, Jubilant
93. Light Body.png
Light Body
92. Joyous Flower.png
Joyous Flower
96. Loving.png


Art by Cara Leslie Berton

Available in print and ebook
Print: $___ / Ebook: $____



Prints of any of the 98 images in this book can be purchased as individual Giclee prints, using museum-quality media and archival pigment inks. The following sizes are available:  


                    1. 4” x 6” size: $15 per print, plus shipping                       


                      2. 8” x 8” size: $30 per print, plus shipping


                      3. 12” x 12” size: $40 per print, plus shipping


                      4. 12” x 16” size: $45 per print, plus shipping


                      5. 12” x 24” size: $55 per print, plus shipping


                      6. 24” x 30” size: $115 per print, plus shipping


To order, email and let us know what you want in terms of the following:


  • The image’s identification number and title (e.g., #1. Emotive Jesus).

  • The size (see above).

  • How many prints of a given image.

  • Your name

  • Your email

  • Your mailing address

We will confirm your order and arrange for payment. Within 2 weeks, you should have your prints in hand.

Buy the Book


Dancer Glory is part of the Rose Press "The Beauty of the Inner Life" series.

The books in this series show how the beauty, wonder, and poignancy of life is right here, right now –

if only we are present to see it.


The books put out by Rose Press are meant to last and last and last.


Unlike many books that are published to make a temporary splash and then fade out into dim memory or total forgetfulness, Rose Press books are meant to live in your heart and in your life.


So not only do they remain on your bookshelf (or your hard drive, portable reading device, etc):  they also remain inside you, part of the impressions that make up your inner being. And sometimes ~ much like a sudden affectionate thought about an old friend with whom you’ve been out of contact ~ the desire will come to pick up and read these books again and make their acquaintance (and your own) again from the place where you are now.

Some of these books are already perennials: issued and reissued to encounter new readers and re-visit old ones. Others are brand new and just putting down roots, to return to readers’ attentions in their own passing seasons.


Books that go deep take time to write, so quality may win out over quantity, here. We hope you will content yourself with the current varieties in this “garden,” and look forward to new blooms to come.


Deep reads for deepening readers.

Rose Press books. A publishing house for your inner garden.


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