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Bouquets of Appreciations for books grown in the Rose Press garden

“I just loved your book. It really hit home. It made me cry. I felt like, ‘She wrote this book just for me, personally.’  For me to be so captured….


"This book is like a bible you have on a bedside table beside you.

"Wisely, you shared people’s comments, and it’s very enlarging. The Foreword is very good, too."

— Karen Pearson

“Your book is overflowing with so much wisdom.  I did not expect such an inward journey.  It's exactly what I needed.  I'm in a much greater state of allowing, rather than controlling and dictating.  I feel very relaxed and like my ideas are going to flow so much smoother now.”

— Eric Carlberg  

“I felt that you were speaking from the heart, seeking to be of service from the sincere desire to assist, not to indoctrinate or impress. And I felt that you and I were having a conversation. [I see now that] having a really cool idea for something to write isn't enough to get the writing started — not if there's no emotional connection, inspiration, or magical intangible animating that really cool idea.


"Thank you for sharing your ideas and caring with the world through a book. I learned things, I felt understood, and I grew increasingly inspired as I turned the pages."

— Sarah Beaber 

“I finished your book early morning.  I felt as I read it that it had been written for me, for my heart. I am really connected to the page about knowing when you are on the right track. I feel this page applies to my life. Beautiful book . . . great help!"

— Mary Martin

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