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Flower Essence Remedies for Readers

The healing properties of natural Flower Essences

can work synergistically with your reading of Rose Press Books 

by opening you to the positive qualities the book seeks to bring about.

If you're not already familiar with the gentle healing power of Flower Essences, you are in for a treat. Distilled from living flowers by adept practitioners of the science and art, these bottled remedies partake of the unique properties of the specially chosen flower(s) to strengthen positive qualities and diminish negative ones. Just a few drops in the mouth each day for a period of time, or used topically, can come to make a noticeable positive difference in mood, attitude, energy, orientation, and so much more.

Each Rose Press book has a healing orientation of some kind. Even those that "blow the whistle" on what's wrong (such as Healing Civilization and We Have All Been the "Others") have a message of hope at heart ~ a way to open up something in ourselves and in our world that will have a beneficial effect.

But at the same time, we know that we're overloaded with input. Even reading a book isn't always the immersive experience it used to be, what with all the pulls on our attention from so many sources, some of it close to our hearts but some loudly irrelevant. Maybe we have good intentions to really give ourselves to the book . . . and maybe (hopefully) we really enjoy it.


But are we able to take in its message to the extent we would like to? Its atmosphere? Its healing?

All the authors of Rose Press books put their hearts and souls, their minds and spirits, and sometimes years of their lives writing their books ~ not only for their own creative benefit, but also to share something they truly believe is of value with their readers. It's not only the message that they want to convey: it's also the inner positive qualities that visited them, radiated out from them, as they wrote.

If you use a compatible Flower Essence while reading a specific Rose Press Book, you will get so much more out of the book. It's like making a solution more permeable, so that all the nutrients available can be absorbed.

And that's why, as a dedicated student of healing as well as a publisher and Book Developer, I recommend that you try any or all of the following curated and  recommended Flower Essences to go with the Rose Press Books you read.

Note: I am a delighted affiliate of "Directly from Nature" Flower Essences. This is where the links below will take you to. You will be treated well.

Below are some of the Rose Press books that lend themselves to the concurrent use of Flower Essences ~ and why.

We Have All Been the "Others":

Reflections of a First-Generation's Daughter

on Belonging, Democracy,

and a New American Dream.

Patricia J. Marino, author.

No less than 9 different Flower Essence Remedies fit the positive intent of Pat Marino's book, We Have All Been the "Others." You don't have to use them all, of course ~ but likely 1 or 2 will support the development and expression in your life of some of the book's positive qualities. Given that the book addresses divisiveness in the American landscape on a nationality-grouping as well as social scale, following are some qualities (paired with the names of the appropriate essences) that can make a difference in your life ~ both personally and in the larger world.

  • To feel secure and peaceful: ASPEN essence

  • For tolerance: BEECH essence

  • To communicate openly: AGRIMONY essence

  • For feeling hopeful: GORSE essence

  • For empathizing and listening: HEATHER essence

  • To accept imperfections (one's own and others'): CRAB APPLE essence

  • For forgiveness: WILLOW essence

  • For self-acceptance and self-respect: PINE essence

Click here to go to Directly From Nature. These (as well as other) essences will be found on the "Bach Flower Essences" page.

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