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Listen to Yourself / Learn from Yourself:

Tracking Your Writing to See What Works for You

By Naomi Rose

Designed to help you track your actual process of writing 

and see what to keep, what to repeat, and what to try out that fits you

And designed to help you be aware of what's inside you that you can cultivate and draw from to write your book(s) with presence, self-awareness and self-gratitude, relative ease, the thrill of discovery, and, frequently, joy. 

The Process Notebook is a hands-on creative companion to use with Starting Your Book by Naomi Rose. It can help you discover, track, navigate, and treasure how your book-writing process emerges out of you to fulfill your creative promise.

You can use this Process Notebook with every book or writing project you write. Its practical and inspirational guidance includes: Self-inquiries, reflections, practices, questionnaires, and additional processes to use that feel relevant.


The Process Notebook is part of the Rose Press "Creative Process" series.

If you yearn to encourage the flowering of your creative nature in a way that feels natural to you—that enhances your sense of yourself and also offers wonderful gifts to others—then the “Creative Process” series will lead you through that door.  The intention of the books in this series is to bring you closer to the Source of Creation, which is not only available to you, but is actually in you. Whether you want to tap your inherent creative ability to write a book or simply become more intimate with the nature of the creative process as it lives in you, the books in this series will both unveil some behind-the-scenes mysteries and re-connect you with the Mystery of Creation. Out of this will evolve a book with your authentic voice and message — one that heals you as you write it, and heals your readers as they read it.


The books put out by Rose Press are meant to last and last and last.


Unlike many books that are published to make a temporary splash and then fade out into dim memory or total forgetfulness, Rose Press books are meant to live in your heart and in your life.


So not only do they remain on your bookshelf (or your hard drive, portable reading device, etc):  they also remain inside you, part of the impressions that make up your inner being. And sometimes ~ much like a sudden affectionate thought about an old friend with whom you’ve been out of contact ~ the desire will come to pick up and read these books again and make their acquaintance (and your own) again  from the place where you are now.

Some of these books are already perennials: issued and reissued to encounter new readers and re-visit old ones. Others are brand new and just putting down roots, to return to readers’ attentions in their own passing seasons.


Books that go deep take time to write, so quality may win out over quantity, here. We hope you will content yourself with the current varieties in this “garden,” and look forward to new blooms to come.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Deep reads for deepening readers.

Rose Press books. A publishing house for your inner garden.


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