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For readers who might also like to be authors

making a difference to their readers

If, in your reader-heart, there is a desire to write something that other people might read—something that speaks so deeply in you that to be able to express it and share it would be a longing fulfilled—


Then it's really helpful to realize that this was once also the case with the authors of the very books from Rose Press that you are reading, or may soon read. 



Every human being has a treasure held within, and the effort to articulate this treasure can be an enormously healing process for the author, in the process of creating, shaping, and discovering the inner territory that might otherwise remain hidden.

And of course, when done with skill and heart, with sincerity and generosity of spirit, the gift to the reader is equally immense.

If you have ever had the secret wish to write a book—


and not just any book, not a quick "how-to" or a "write a book in a weekend" book, but one that gets to live inside you long enough for you to feel its living movement inside you—


then you might like to treat yourself to having expert, heart-centered, collaborative support for the full journey through the nurturing support of Naomi Rose, the publisher of Rose Press.


Naomi is a Book Developer & Creative Midwife with over 30 years experience in the book publications field (having worked with publishers and authors, including first-time authors), as well as a lifelong student of the creative process and the true foundations of healing. She loves listening so well to her clients that not only do they come to know what their heart wants to write, and how, but they also benefit from deepening their ability to listen to themselves through this collaboration.


Clients have included people in the healing professions and people who seek to discover true and beautiful things through writing a book, and to bring these books into the world as part of their living contribution.

Naomi's own books are available from Rose Press. They include the following in the "Creative Process" series:

  • Starting Your Book: Navigating the Blank Page by Listening to What's Inside You

  • The Process Notebook

as well as her books in the "Money and the Inner Life" series, MotherWealth and The Portable Blessings Ledger.


For details on these books see the page on this site, "Books: New Blooms & Perennial Favorites" 


Writing from the Deeper Self:

A healing approach to writing that invites in more of you than only words,

where the depth of your real nature takes the lead and your words follow.


Amazing Writing Coach:

“Naomi is an amazing writing coach. She started me on my path of writing from my depths ten years ago. I loved how she supported me to quickly claim my unique strengths as a writer. Naomi coached me through writing my very first e-course, "Collage for Self-Discovery,’"which is still alive and loved in the online market today.”

— Shelley Klammer, author, Collage for Self-Discovery

"Helped Me Listen for My Soul's Calling":

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in the early part of my book development. You really helped me to listen more deeply for my soul’s calling in what I was writing, to share more of my experiences and heart. I thought you would enjoy knowing that the book finally got birthed into the world.  I am getting really good feedback on it.”  

Deborah Welch, PhD, author, Forgiveness at Work: Stories of the Power, Possibility, and Practice of Forgiveness in the Workplace

Excellent Guide:

“Supportive, kind. and wise, Naomi is an excellent guide and editor for developing your book and bringing it forth in beautiful shape. Highly recommended! She is so kind and supportive and gentle and appreciative, yet perceptive of the places where my book needed improvement, from commas to emotional nuances. I worked with her over many years to revise, edit, and polish my trilogy — and always felt gracefully received and held through this 'book birthing' process.


Her faith in my book has been and is still very important to me in keeping my inner critic at bay. She has inspired me to honor what I have written by doing the work necessary to bring it into the coherent and beautiful form it deserves.”

— Rahima Warren, MFT, author, The Star-Seer's Prophecy

"I'm Starting to Hear Myself":

"Unconditional positive regard and presence are two qualities that every good therapist aspires to. When achieved, the counselor becomes a healer. What a delightful surprise to find that Naomi Rose excels in these attributes. Through being deeply listened to, I am starting to hear myself.


Because of that, my relationship to writing has shifted to a level that will grow beyond the book project and inform the rest of my life. The book has become a bonus, and I am grateful.”

— Clare Goodwin, Psychosynthesis Therapist; author, Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery


To learn more about

Naomi's services

and her unique approach

to writing,

"Writing from the Deeper Self," please see her

Book Development website: 

Naomi Rose

Book Developer & Creative Midwife

Encouraging Your Flowering

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