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Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm
through Education and the Integration
of the Intra-Psychic Family

by Claudio Naranjo, MD


In this ground-breaking book, the noted Chilean psychiatrist and consciousness pioneer Dr. Claudio Naranjo applies over 30 years of transformational work with individuals and groups to the societal realm, giving us the inspiration and intra-psychic tools to heal the world from the inside out. Because healing civilization is an inside job.

"An explorer of the outer reaches of inner space, Naranjo's depth soundings of the wells of history and civilization resound with the echo of one who hears the pathology while seeking the song of the new mythos of who we are, where we have been, and what we yet can be."

--Dr. Jean Houston,

author, The Possible Human; Program Director, United Nations International Institute for Social Artistry

"Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!” —Michael Toms, New Dimensions Radio 

PRINT: $19.95 

Brilliantly weaving together history, anthropology, religion, economics, education, psychological development, personal growth, and political oppression, Healing Civilization illuminates our sobering global situation. 


Offering a hopeful plan for change, this meaningful guide proposes an integrated balance among the three inner aspects of our being — the head, the heart, and the instincts — and provides a transformative plan that begins with the re-education of the coming generation of children and strives to build a world that is meaningful and harmonious.

The doctor has taken the pulse of our modern way of life and concluded that it is sick, very sickperhaps terminally ill. How did this dangerous state of affairs come to be and is there a cure?


"The great problem of civilization is none other than civilization itself!"


Patriarchy   a condition that is deeper, wider, and closer to home than we realize. For patriarchy thrives not only in the outer world, but also within the workings of our own conditioned minds. A virus masquerading as ourselves, it is killing life on the planet   and within us.


To transform our consciousness by integrating our "three brains" -  the head (Inner Father), the heart (Inner Mother), and the instincts in the belly (Inner Child). To bring our own Inner Family into balance.

Because healing civilization is an inside job,

and the future of civilization lies in our hands.

Watch Claudio Naranjo speak about Healing Civilization and the "intra-psychic family" in the following interview:


Reader Praise for Healing Civilization:

“In Healing Civilization, Claudio Naranjo gives us back our once-and-future birthright…. In such seeing, there is the coincidence of opposites, the cessation of contendings, the seeing of all forms in one form, and yes, the resolution and bringing of new light to the long dark night of civilization.”

Jean Houston, author, A Passion for the Possible, The Possible Human, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story; Program Director, United Nations, International Institute for Social Artistry; UNICEF advisor

"A courageous call by an innovative scholar and successful practitioner in nurturing human potential. This book builds on Claudio Naranjo's earlier works analyzing how human societies suppress individual creativity and potential through their child-rearing and educational practices. Dr. Naranjo points to the pervasive patriarchal structures and mindsets inherited from our distant past - but not inherent in humans. He traces these repressive authoritarian societies and how they overtook earlier matrifocal societies described by Marija Gimbutas and later by Riane Eisler in her The Chalice and the Blade and Sacred Pleasure. Both female and male scholars have noted the repression, fear and aggression leading to violence that is engendered by these patriarchal societies which still pervade humanity world wide. I welcome the debate that will be engendered by Healing Civilization, as it may help us devise paths toward development and fostering fully-alive, compassionate, empathetic human beings who can evolve toward Planetary Citizenship.

"Dr. Naranjo should take heart that many around the world have taken up the vital task of reforming markets, money-creation, credit-allocation and capitalism itself, to reform markets and grow the new more ecologically and socially aware "green" companies of the post-fossil fueled Solar Age."

Hazel Henderson, author, Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy  and  

Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs and Actions Can Shape A Sustainable World


Healing Civilization

Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm

by Claudio Naranjo, MD

$19.95  (PRINT)


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About Claudio Naranjo


Dr. Claudio Naranjo, renowned Chilean psychiatrist, writer, teacher, and internationally sought-after public speaker, is considered a pioneer for his experiential and theoretical work integrating psychotherapy and the spiritual traditions.

One of the  three successors of Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt Therapy) at Esalen Institute, he later developed the Psychology of Enneatypes from Ichazo's Protoanalysis and founded the SAT (Seekers After Truth) Institute, an integrative psycho-spiritual school.

In his latter years, Dr. Naranjo dedicated his life to aiding others in their quest for transformation and seeking to influence the public and the authorities with the idea that only a radical transformation of education can change the catastrophic course of history.


More reader praise (a great deal more) for Healing Civilization:

 “Claudio Naranjo is one of the most respected pioneers of the human potential movement. His influence has been subtle yet pervasive, and many of the most interesting developments in personal growth can be traced to him. In Healing Civilization, he has situated our crisis of civilization in a global and historical context, and presents a stirring call and an exciting foundation for a truly transformative education. His approach is, as always, wise and inspiring because it so clearly emerges from a tremendous depth of personal experience into the far reaches of human possibilities. Claudio Naranjo has made a vital contribution to healing civilization in this perilous time of transition.”

— Alfonso Montuori, Professor, Transformative Studies/ Transformative Leadership,

California Institute of Integral Studies

“This is a grand theory of Civilization with capital c, denounced as a pathological carrier of patriarchy, with inspiration from a matriarchal past 6,000 years ago or so and promise of a more balanced future. Naranjo works very creatively with the universal Father-Man/Mother-Woman/Son-Daughter-Child triangle and three loves: the agape of the mother, the eros of the child, and father-male love of ideals-ideas. The last one has led to a catastrophic, pathogenic imbalance, with care and love removed. The therapy is to restore mental health: balance among the three loves, to overcome the inner dissociation between thinking, feeling, and doing. This focus on a common factor is a very important factor in the deep culture of civilizations, and a fine way of building the major correlation in violence studies—with gender—into peace studies. Thank you, Claudio!”

— Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies, Director of Transcend, Recipient of the 1987 Right Livelihood Award (the “Alternative Nobel Prize”)

“In Healing Civilization, Claudio Naranjo takes an in-depth and grand vision of humanity in its full historical span, and draws conclusions about the future of our humanity. In this work he gives us some of his overriding insights into the malaise of our contemporary world, an understanding of where this resides and how it functions, and a vision of the way in which our human world may be brought back to a wholesome and integrated way of life. There are strikingly original contributions being made here. I leave the joy of this discovery to the reader.”

— Mitchell Ginsberg, Ph.D., author, The Far Shore, The Inner Palace, and Calm, Clear, and Loving

“Dr. Naranjo’s analysis is brilliant, enlightening, and easy to catch. His integral vision of ‘three-brained beings’ (thinking, feeling, and doing) offers a profound vision for education in our time.”

— Prof. Dr. Heinrich Dauber, Former Head, Center for Teacher Education, University of Kassel, Germany

"Anyone searching for meaning and a way to contribute to our society should consider these concepts. Claudio Naranjo certainly seems qualified to offer an opinion."

—Guy T. Ashby

“The great critics of modernity and patriarchy, from Toynbee to Adorno or Foucault, have seldom been able to offer a realistic vision of civilizational alternatives. Claudio Naranjo´s historical anthropology does exactly that. Putting forward the idea that the patriarchal society evolved as a pathological response of humans, as a result of very traumatic conditions in the past, that is no longer functional, Naranjo proposes a socio-therapy of ‘the patriarchal mind.’ This could only come through an alternative education for the personal and social evolution of humans by balancing and transforming them as ‘three brained beings,’ starting with the education of the educators themselves. Naranjo’s ‘culturatry’ is a significant contribution towards a science of civilizational healing – and towards a ‘politics of civilization’ envisioned by the French philosopher Edgar Morin.”

— Wilfried Graf, Co-Director, Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding, Vienna, Austria

"This book is for a broad-minded audience that is seeking answers for our present crises. I doubt Mr. Naranjo would claim he has all the answers, however I am sure that he has the hope that some of the questions he is asking will point us in a healthier direction."

—Trevor Neal

“Once again, Claudio Naranjo brings his unique blend of tradition and freshness to bear on the problems and the possibilities of the modern world. His call for an education of love is not only an inspiring ideal, but it finds its practical reality in his now famous SAT curriculum. This inspiring book shows that the transformative education of teachers is the fundamental key to a more humane world. Teachers must not only know love, but be  loving. They cannot simply talk  about peace, but they must do so peacefully.”

 — John J. Hanagan, Ph.D. Professor of Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan

“No one who takes Education to heart should miss this work by one who echoes Dewey’s conviction that ‘if our education is to have meaning for our lives, it should undergo a complete transformation,’ and ends his book by stating that ‘our future is a race between the transformation of Education and catastrophe.’”

— Pedro Carlos García Arango, Former Vice-President,

Council of Rectors of Private Universities

 “Claudio Naranjo is at the forefront of those seeking to transform the world. For anyone wanting to make a difference for the better, Healing Civilization is a must-read!”  — Michael Toms, New Dimensions Radio


Read this book, and take it to heart. You then will be a presence, and a force, to heal the world from the inside out.



Healing Civilization

Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm

by Claudio Naranjo, MD

$19.95 (PRINT)



Did you know we have Flower Essence Remedies to go with this book,

to support and integrate what you receive from Healing Civilization?

There's GORSE for feeling hopeful, light-filled optimism, HOLLY for being heartfelt compassion and loving, inclusive outreach, VINE for inner authority and connection to higher spiritual identity, and additional positive-outcomes essences.

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Healing Civilization is part of the Rose Press "Healing the World from the Inside Out" series.

When we look out at the world, often we see and react to its limitations, sufferings, and oppressions. And yet the outer conditions can be manifestations of internal human conditions, played out on a larger societal scale. So the outer world affects the inner world, and the inner the outer. Yet when we are not conscious of this connection, we under-credit the influence that our own personal healing can have on the larger world. The books in this series seek to illuminate the connection between the inner and outer life and show us a way towards wholeness. Out of this, we may awaken, bring more compassionate awareness to our actions, and become a genuinely healing presence in the world.


The books put out by Rose Press are meant to last and last and last.


Unlike many books that are published to make a temporary splash and then fade out into dim memory or total forgetfulness, Rose Press books are meant to live in your heart and in your life.


So not only do they remain on your bookshelf (or your hard drive, portable reading device, etc):  they also remain inside you, part of the impressions that make up your inner being. And sometimes ~ much like a sudden affectionate thought about an old friend with whom you’ve been out of contact ~ the desire will come to pick up and read these books again and make their acquaintance (and your own) again  from the place where you are now.

Some of these books are already perennials: issued and reissued to encounter new readers and re-visit old ones. Others are brand new and just putting down roots, to return to readers’ attentions in their own passing seasons.


Books that go deep take time to write, so quality may win out over quantity, here. We hope you will content yourself with the current varieties in this “garden,” and look forward to new blooms to come.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Deep reads for deepening readers.

Rose Press books. A publishing house for your inner garden.


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