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Starting Your Book (old cover).png

A Book Whisperer opens a path

to finding your own path in writing a book,


and discovering the treasures

of your true creative nature

in the process.

Starting a book is not a formula
you need to learn.
It's an organic growth that can only come from you.
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Starting Your Book

is the classic, foundational book by Naomi Rose,  

Book Developer & Creative Midwife,

and the creator of Writing from the Deeper Self.


Read it if you’re writing a book or even considering writing a book. 


Read it for inspiration, connection, insight, and encouragement.


Read it to come to know that you —

exactly who you are, and the unique ways in which you are constellated to create —


have what it takes to write the book that’s calling you from within.



 $17.95  USD (Print) 


 $10.99 USD (Ebook) 


"The Deeper Self approach [as experienced through Starting Your Book] absolutely works! It's an artistic way of writing, which is exactly what I hope to impart to men about their love lives."
—Erik Carlberg, author of a book-in-progress
"It's a beautiful thing to listen to yourself.
When you listen to yourself,
you write your own book."

—Sherif Baba

You are the secret ingredient of writing a book that will fulfill your dreams and be meaningful to your readers.


Unlike most books on writing that focus on craft, Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You shines a light on what will truly enable you to write in an inspired and trustworthy way, and to find your real voice — the connection with your inner being. As you begin to connect the experience of writing with mining your inner being and discovering the unique ways in which your creative nature works, the writing flows out of you.

Fleur de Lis, facing up.png
Fleur de Lis, facing up.png
Fleur de Lis, facing up.png
Fleur de Lis, facing up.png
This deeply encouraging book about writing a book assumes that what is inside the writer is what makes the book valuable and the process of writing a book worthwhile. While most books on writing focus on the product alone, this intimate companion to your deep creative life highlights the person doing the writing. As you get closer to the treasure inside you, you'll find that writing your book flows naturally, surprising and frequently delighting you with what — and who — you find.

If you have ever longed to write a book but not fully believed you had it in you to do it, this is the book for you. Unlike most books on writing, Starting Your Book is not about how to turn yourself into a good writer; it's about looking into yourself and seeing how to invite out the treasure that's in you.


Beautiful, true, fulfilling writing flows out of that.

Writing your book is not an “assignment.” It’s a living relationship. And when you know your own creative makeup — and your connection to the Source of creation — this relationship blesses you in ways far beyond simply writing a book.


“Reading your book was like receiving a comforting hug of encouragement. The connection of writing and the heart — of the practice of writing as a way to get in touch with our divinity — how could this elude us, ever? Once you have this treasure in your being, you realize how clear it all is — why we write, why it matters.” —Jane Majkiewicz, writer, editor, literary agency associate emeritus

"This book was very helpful to get over myself and find the confidence to just start writing. Rose gets it right about what freezes up the imagination and passion, and she offers good insights to help one get over the challenge of the blank page. Her book is the nurturing teacher you always dreamed of that would coax and praise you to reveal your heart." —Amadeus

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Opening your mind and heart to what’s in Starting Your Book will:


  • Encourage you. There is a way to write a book that gives you much more than it takes.

  • Provide you with confidence. If you are called to write a book, learning to listen to yourself and know yourself more deeply as a creative being will ground you in an awareness of your own unique ways and contributions.

  • Connect you to your larger, deeper Self. The fears and doubts that can arise when you start to write a book bring in a flurry of negative beliefs accumulated over the course of a lifetime. But these have nothing to do with who you really are. When you get a whiff of your essential nature, they disappear like soap bubbles popping.

  • Inspire you. What you are called to write can only come through you. Even if other people have written books on the same topic, the book you are writing has your flavor, your sensibility, your impressions, your way of putting things together. If you’re called to write a book, that inspiration won’t fail you if you keep on listening. Starting Your Book shows you where, why, and how.

  • Speak to your soul. When it’s your soul that’s calling you to write a book (in addition to other levels of you), that’s when it’s hard to say no to the calling. Starting Your Book shows you how to hear this call, and answer it — in ways that leave you more expressed, more fulfilled, more ripe with contribution, more . . . yourself.



Listen to the author read an excerpt from Chapter 6 of Starting Your Book

“The Value of Not Knowing Everything.”

Starting Your Book, Chapter 6 excerpt:
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Ready to discover the person behind the book-in-you that wants to be written?


"Your book is overflowing with so much wisdom.
I did not expect such an inward journey. It's exactly what I needed. I'm in a much greater state of allowing, rather than controlling and dictating.
I feel very relaxed and like my ideas are going to flow so much smoother now."
Eric Carlberg


Starting Your Book

A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You, by Naomi Rose

Fleur de Lis, subtle.png

 $17.95 (Print) 


 $10.99 (Ebook) 

“I felt that you were speaking from the heart, seeking to be of service from the sincere desire to assist, not to indoctrinate or impress. And I felt that you and I were having a conversation. [I see now that] having a really cool idea for something to write isn't enough to get the writing started — not if there's no emotional connection, inspiration, or magical intangible animating that really cool idea. Thank you for sharing your ideas and caring with the world through a book. I learned things, I felt understood, and I grew increasingly inspired as I turned the pages."— Sarah Beaber, writer

“I'm happy to acknowledge Naomi Rose's important influence on my writing life as I have others in the past: Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, and Eric Maisel, to name a few. I've since come to regard (and treasure) her as a writing mentor. Naomi Rose's writings and personal coaching sessions have imbued me with so much that I'm grateful for, transforming and alchemizing things within that have manifested as deep writing.”— Chris Dunmire, Creative Director & Publisher, Creativity Portal (included in “Writers Digest 101 best sites”)

“I just loved your book. It made me cry. I felt like, ‘She wrote this book just for me, personally.’ It really hit home. This book is like a bible you have on a bedside table beside you.” — Karen Pearson

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There's CERRATO for trusting your intuition, HEATHER for emotional self-sufficiency, ROCK WATER for spontaneity and flowing receptivity, and additional positive-outcomes essences.

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You may also enjoy working with the complementary book,

An Organic Approach to Structuring Your Book:

A Right-Brained Alternative to Outlines,

by Naomi Rose.


Details HERE




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About Naomi Rose

Naomi Rose is the creator of Writing from the Deeper Self, and a Book Developer & Creative Midwife by profession. She helps people write the book of their heart by listening to and with them so that what is essential inside the writer becomes known through the writing. Most of her clients have successfully completed and published their books., to their great satisfaction  To learn more about her approach and explore how you might work with her on your book, see



Starting Your Book is part of the Rose Press "Creative Process" series.

If you yearn to encourage the flowering of your creative nature in a way that feels natural to you — that enhances your sense of yourself and also offers wonderful gifts to others — then the “Creative Process” series will lead you through that door.  The intention of the books in this series is to bring you closer to the Source of Creation, which is not only available to you, but is actually in you. Whether you want to tap your inherent creative ability to write a book or simply become more intimate with the nature of the creative process as it lives in you, the books in this series will both unveil some behind-the-scenes mysteries and re-connect you with the Mystery of Creation. Out of this will evolve a book with your authentic voice and message — one that heals you as you write it, and heals your readers as they read it.


The books put out by Rose Press are meant to last and last and last.


Unlike many books that are published to make a temporary splash and then fade out into dim memory or total forgetfulness, Rose Press books are meant to live in your heart and in your life.


So not only do they remain on your bookshelf (or your hard drive, portable reading device, etc):  they also remain inside you, part of the impressions that make up your inner being. And sometimes ~ much like a sudden affectionate thought about an old friend with whom you’ve been out of contact ~ the desire will come to pick up and read these books again and make their acquaintance (and your own) again  from the place where you are now.


Some of these books are already perennials: issued and reissued to encounter new readers and re-visit old ones. Others are brand new and just putting down roots, to return to readers’ attentions in their own passing seasons.


Books that go deep take time to write, so quality may win out over quantity, here. We hope you will content yourself with the current varieties in this “garden,” and look forward to new blooms to come.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Deep reads for deepening readers.

Rose Press books. A publishing house for your inner garden.


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