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Art Prints by Naomi Rose
"Postures of Love"

How the body moves when love is present


When love is present within a person -- and between people, or creatures, or people and creatures -- it shows.


It shows in how the body bends towards the "other," in the light and connection playing on the faces. The atmosphere of love is a balm to the heart of the one experiencing it. Even viewing a loving image can tickle our innate "mirror neurons" to respond with a similar chord of love, returning us to that place inside where love above all resides.

The drawings you see here are ones I have done over time, as I was moved to capture and make known some of the "postures of love" (as I've come to call this series) -- what the body does when you feel love. As with camera photos* taken on the wing, these drawn snapshots of loving gestures fix themselves in memory, making these fleeting moments last where the soul gets to show its presence.

* Most of these drawings were actually taken from photos.

If you would like to purchase any of these drawings as a print or a card, click here.


If you would like to commission me to make a drawing of someone you love

from a photo you provide 

(it could be a photo of you, just as well),

email me at:

We'll arrange the details of getting the photo to me, how large you'd like the drawing to be,

the price, and all that.

(#7, below, was done in this way. A grown daughter commissioned the drawing from this photo

for her mother's 80th birthday.)

In Conversation.jpg

1. In Conversation

Listening Love.jpg

2. Listening Love


3. Lullaby

5. One Heartbeat,

Two Beings


4. Adoration

Go Live Your Life, My Love Will Go with You.jpg

6. Go Live Your Life,

My Love Will Go with You

Mother and Grown Daughter.jpg

7. Mother-Daughter Love

Ripened Over Years

Standing woman opening to light.jpg

8. Lit Up by Love

Giraffe Mother-Love.jpg

9. No Reach Too Far for Love

Thank you for your interest.

(This one is a self-portrait ~ not for sale.)



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