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10 Essential Qualities That Help You Write a Book

10 Essential Qualities that are part of your Divine Inheritance and will help you write the book of your heart
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Writing a book may feel daunting.

But what if the qualities that would make it exciting, fulfilling, and even joyful to embark on this deeply creative, potentially healing journey were to open up inside you and guide your way through?

You may not have thought in terms of “Essential Qualities” as strong helpers for writing a book. But when these qualities are made conscious and invited to arise in you, your book-writing journey will be more enjoyable and fruitful — for you as well as your writing. Qualities such as Creativity, Confidence, Flow, Clarity, and six more become your steady companions once you water these seeds, which are intrinsic to your creative makeup (something you may not have realized until now).

58 pages. Downloadable.

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