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An Organic Approach to Structuring Your Book: A Right-Brained Alternative to Outlines (Workbook Included), by Naomi Rose (Print edition)

Say goodbye to rigid outlines and hello to letting your creativity flourish. Includes Workbook. Illustrated by the author.
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Looking for a more fulfilling writing experience? Feeling resistant to the idea of planning every aspect of your book before even starting to write? Finding it hard to organize your ideas coherently without losing all the juice of your intuitive, creative nature?

Say goodbye to rigid outlines and hello to a way to structure your book that lets your innate creativity flourish! Find joy and excitement in the process of finding your book's structure as you open yourself to glimmers of inspiration and weave them all together to evolve a Table of Contents (TOC) that truly works for you.

Imagine the joy of writing a book from the bottom up, allowing your ideas to flow effortlessly onto the page in whatever order they came, then translating them into a TOC that reveals the bigger picture. This organic, interactive process frees you from externally imposed constraints, letting your aliveness and internal interest guide you to the next step, and the next, and the next.

Many "Aha!" moments will be sparked in you by this book's unique and compassionate mapping of the territory. And what you discover about yourself through the "Reflections" in the included workbook will help you find your own way through the structuring (and writing) of your book.

With An Organic Approach to Structuring Your Book, you get to benefit from the expertise and guidance of a renowned author and book midwife who understands the intricacies of the writing process, and how freeing it is to trust finding your own way. With delightful illustrations by the author.

Naomi Rose is a Book Developer & Creative Midwife who helps people write the books of their heart. She is also the creator of Writing from the Deeper Self.
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