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Dancer Glory: Art by Cara Leslie Berton (E-book)

These 98 color and black-and-white drawings by the New York artist Cara Leslie Berton feed the eye and touch the soul.
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This moving collection of 98 drawings and paintings by artist Cara Leslie Berton impresses the heart as well as the eye. Opening us up into the fertile territory of the heart, her subjects include love and intimacy, suffering and redemption, family, longing and belonging (both human and religious), nostalgia, nature, the angelic world, aging, beauty, and more.

The lines drawn by her pen and her brush are able to evoke both a primal loneiness and a holy longing for belonging and wholeness. This longing takes both a human form and a religious form, and the many evocative drawings of Jesus in this collection should speak not only to devout Christians but also to people with other faiths, or even no religious faith.

“Her prolific interpretation of the world of real people and that of her imagination shines through the laser-like images she sends me regularly via email! What a joy it’s been to be on the receiving end of Cara’s creativity!" —Jerry Zacks, MD

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