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At the very heart of Rose Press is ~ you.


And isn't that just what we want from a book?

We want to see who we are.


We want direct access to the materials (and im-materials)

with which to grow our inner garden well.

And we want to live in a world where this is so.

How do you come to such a place ~ both for your own sake and for the world’s?

You slow down and smell the roses.

On this website, we invite you to slow down and smell the roses ~

to encounter the healing fragrance of our Rose Press books

and what they can do inside you.

We are here not only to sell you on the value of our books. We trust the healing potency of what’s inside them.

And so we do our best to offer you a fragrant whiff of each book ~

a felt experience so you can find (and re-find) the living fragrance within yourself.

We want to remind you of some inner beauty that you may have lost track of;

provide a path through a thicket to reveal your secret, longed-for garden.

Then your own fragrance will give itself to you freely, joyfully ~

and simply by inhabiting it, you will bring this fragrance to others.

This resonance will reverberate,

transforming our experience of living in the world together.


A Publishing House

for Your Inner Garden


We publish books to grow your inner garden, nourish your being, and encourage your blooming.




The Landscape of

the Rose Press SERIES of BOOKS 


Our series address special terrain that you may find resonant ~

~ The Creative Process Series

~ The Healing the World from the Inside Out Series

~ The Money and the Inner Life Series

~ The Beauty of the Inner Life Series


Rose Press books are the distillation of their authors' essence, refined over time and many revisions to bring you into contact with the gift of something fragrant and indescribably beautiful within yourself. 





Being a creative person in the world is a medicine that helps both you and the world. There are many myths about creativity, and some may have dampened yours. But the truth is that creativity is your birthright; and following the trail of how your creative pathways unfold will open you to a way of being and expressing that will feel natural to you and bring you discoveries from within that evoke your gratitude.

If you yearn to encourage the flowering of your creative nature in a way that feels natural to you that enhances your sense of yourself and also offers wonderful gifts to others then our Creative Process series will lead you through that door.


The books in this series include:



A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What's Inside You

by Naomi Rose

Available Now


A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Listening to What's Inside You

by Naomi Rose

In process (still rooting)



Listen to Yourself, Learn from Yourself, Track Your Creative Process

by Naomi Rose

In process (still rooting)










There is a view that what we do on the inside must precede anything we do on the outside, in order to bring about lasting, healthy changes in our community / society / world. And so when we see things in the world that distress us ~ while we certainly can take outer actions ~ they will be more rooted, true, and potent once we have addressed within our own selves the causes behind what we object to in the world. This "inner work" not only frees us from joining in with the energies of what we object to, but also brings us into a purer place within that can inspire and radiate positive change on a larger scale.

If you sense that the dysfunctions and imbalances of society have an inner root, which can be addressed from within and brought into the world to transform it, then our Healing the World from the Inside Out series will clarify and deepen your access to this larger healing.


The books in this series include:


Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm 

by Claudio Naranjo, MD

Available now


Reflections of a First-Generation’s Daughter on Belonging, Democracy, and a New American Dream

by Patricia J. Marino

Available now






Isn't it time for money to stop running our lives like an external authority, and become instead a reflection of who we really are, inside? Isn't it time for our deeper nature and our experience of money to come together ~ both for our own benefit, and for the people with whom money connects us? 


We are conditioned to operate so far from our true natures relative to money that we suffer from this relationship (whether by viewing it as the source of our survival when we don't have it, or by giving it powers that impoverish our spirit and aggrandize our egos when we have too much. Wouldn't it serve us to explore this relationship in a more intimate way, so that who we truly are can access its wealth and use money as it was originally meant to be used ~ to (according to philosopher Jacob Needleman in his book, Money and the Meaning of Life) bring us closer to God.

If you want a way to connect money with who you really are, inside ~ so that rather than being at the effect of external conditions, your relationship with money becomes a pathway to self-awareness, fulfillment, and connection as well as abundance ~ then our Money and the Inner Life series will help you heal your money-bruised heart and open to a more integrated way of being.


The books in this series include:


The Feminine Path to Money

by Naomi Rose

Available now

The Portable Blessings Ledger

A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning & Heart to Your Dealings with Money

by Naomi Rose 

Coming soon




We rely on poetry and art to bring us closer to ourselves, to the world, to our souls, and to a regained sense of wonder and subtle perception. In the poet's eyes, in the artist's eyes, an ordinary bit of glass sparkling on a sidewalk can mirror the sun's light, reminding us that we ourselves are not meaningless or forgotten, but reflections of a larger light. 

This ability to observe, get close to, and communicate what's precious within us (often by recounting treasures encountered on the outside) can balance our human tendencies towards weariness, discouragement, and forgetfulness of our true nature. Our culture may have downplayed the need for poetry, but our souls recognize its healing medicine and fragrance when we encounter it, and we take it in as nourishment. From this grateful replenishment, we can move into other arenas of our lives more full, more present, more willing to engage and bring our own poetry to life.


If you find that your soul is drying out from the culture’s emphasis on cognition, acquisition, information, and technological bits and bytes, and you long for a re-juicing, then our Beauty of Life series will welcome you into an intimate contact with your depths to find the extraordinary right here in the ordinary.

The books in this series include:

A New Life


by Ralph Dranow

Available now


At Work on the Garments of Refuge

by Ralph Dranow


Daniel Marlin

Available now

Dancer Glory

Art by Cara Leslie Berton

Available now

Words Between Darkness and Light

Poems by Una Kobrin

Coming soon


"If you asked for a few words of guidance and comfort,

I would quickly kneel by your side and offer a whole book as a gift."


We hope that these books will live in your heart like an eternal time capsule, releasing their healing medicine as you read them.


Our authors have plumbed their inner being to unearth the gifts that have come to live within their books’ covers. They have worked the landscapes offered up in their books ~ at first rough and untilled, then dug into, amended, and tended until, from the look of it, there was always a beautiful garden.


Yet so much went into the earlier stages before the fragrance was ready for you. Something essentializing had to happen within the authors' creative experience. Out of all the years and memories and ideas and possibilities dreamed of and lived through, something has been distilled.


All the dregs have been churned up and left to sink to the bottom. And what is left on the page is the gift of the book — the offering.


This, then, is what the reader gets to experience: a hint of the author’s churning process, but ultimately, the fragrance.

When 100,000 rose petals are gathered in the dark of early morning, placed into retorts filled with solvent, and heated over time until their oil rises as a liquid distillation, then you have just 1 ounce of that most prized (and expensive) of aromatics, rose essence (rose absolute).

In the same way, Rose Press books are the distillation of their authors' essence, refined over time and many revisions to bring you into contact with the gift of something fragrant and indescribably beautiful within yourself.

As Rose Press books yield their fragrance, our own rises up to meet it and our hearts open like petals opening to the light.


Slow down and smell the roses available to you on this site. Read on. 

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Deep reads for deepening readers.

Rose Press books. A publishing house for your inner garden.


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